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You don’t have to go far to see great art in New York City. In fact, you can see it when you’re on the go! The NYC Subway is not only one of the oldest and quickest ways to get around this sprawling metropolis, it is also one of the city’s most important cultural institutions. The NYC transit system has been involved in commissioning artworks across many mediums. You can find poetry, illustrations, sculpture, and tile work on the subway network. And some stations, like the Oculus, are themselves works of art.

New York Art imitating Life

The artworks of the NYC subway system offer an incredible window into the diverse lives of New Yorkers. Whether it be the tile work of Elizabeth Grajales, the small-scale models of Tom Otterness, or the iconic images of Roy Lichtenstein, the vibrancy of the work to be found here is a joy.

There are literally hundreds of individual artworks scattered throughout New York City’s transit system. Visitors will learn about New York’s history, dreams, and aspirations via the medium of Arts in Transit.

While on the transit art tour, you’ll come to understand the significance of each work. At the same time, you’re led through the city’s complex subway system, learning to navigate it like a native. Your custom tour with CityWalksNY allows you to explore and understand the subway of NYC as more than just a way to commute, but as it is a place that captures culture in motion.

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